New Wage Reporting Law (Wage Theft Prevention Act)


The Upper New York Annual Conference Benefits Office is reminding churches they are required to comply with the recently enacted Wage Theft Prevention Act.

Under the act, the New York State Department of Labor mandates specific information be provided to employees on each paystub; therefore, all employees must be provided a paystub for each paycheck they receive.

It is also requires that employees be provided with a Wage Notice form. Wage Notices must be in the employee's primary language and must be given at the time of hire, and upon receiving a new pay rate.

It is important to remember that each church is considered an employer by the Department of Labor, and is responsible for following these laws for all paid employees, including pastors.

Employers that do not give wage statements may have to pay as much as $100 per week, per employee, unless they paid employees all wages as required by law. (Workers who file lawsuits can recover no more than $2,500 in damages.)

For details on the Wage Theft Prevention Act, including what information needs to be included on employee pay stubs and NYS Wage Notices, visit:

For copies of the NYS Wage Notice forms:

This article was previously published in the Benefits Office newsletter, Activate.  All issues of Activate are available on the Benefits & Insurance page of the conference website.