Register online for 2012 session

Registration has now closed for the 2012 AC Session. For those not yet registered, the next opportunity to register will be Thursday, May 31 at the OnCenter.



Clergy retirees and equalization members are also asked to make their own room reservations directly with the housing bureau. After conference is concluded, equalization members and retirees may request reimbursement for the cost of housing for half of the cost of the room up to $50 per night per clergy retiree or equalization member by submitting a Reimbursement Request Form and receipts for your actual stay to the Treasurer’s office immediately following the AC event. You may also request a hard copy of the form from Leah Robinson by calling (855) 424-7878, ext. 303. 
Clergy retirees and equalization members are entitled to a proportionate share of a basic room cost up to $50 per night. For clergy retirees and equalization members, if you have a financial hardship and are unable to make the upfront reservation yourself using the housing bureau, please complete the housing form, including roommate information, and, submit payment for the portion attributable to any non-equalization and non-retiree members with whom you will share a room to the conference office, attn: Leah Robinson (instead of to the Housing Bureau). Note that for three roommates, each person’s portion of the room cost is estimated at $25/night; for two roommates, each portion is estimated at $34/night; and, for one roommate, each portion is estimated at $50/night. Those retirees and equalization members rooming alone will be expected to pay the room cost over the allotted $50 per night covered by the conference. Note that if your room is to be shared with other persons who are NOT clergy retirees or equalization members, payment for their estimated portion of the room cost must be submitted to the conference office along with the housing form.  The conference office will not proceed on any housing reservation requests with which we need to assist until appropriate funds have been received for the non- clergy retiree and non-equalization person’s share of the room cost related to that reservation.