No episcopal candidate nominations from UNY delegation

By Scott L. Johnson, Head of UNY Delegation

The Northeast Jurisdiction will be electing three bishops at its conference in July. The UNY Delegation to the Northeastern Jurisdictional conference completed its process for the nomination of candidates to the episcopacy.

Given the importance of the episcopacy as well as to ensure we were speaking as a delegation, those present agreed that candidates would need the support of two thirds of the delegation for nomination.

After extensive prayer, thorough review of applicant materials, and challenging interviews, the delegation did not nominate any candidate for the episcopacy as no candidate received the number of votes needed for nomination.

Although this completes the work of the delegation regarding Episcopal nominations, further action regarding the nomination of Episcopal candidates may occur at the 2012 UNY Annual Conference.

On behalf of the delegation, I wish to thank the applicants for their faith-filled cooperation with this process. The UNY Delegation to the 2012 General Conference will have its final meeting before departing for General Conference.

If there are individuals or groups who wish to make formal presentations to the delegation about legislation pending before the General Conference, please contact Scott Johnson, Head of the UNY delegation, at or Bill Gottschalk-Fielding, Vice Chair of the Delegation, at