Clergy, lay persons sought for ministry teams

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The Conference Leadership Team (CLT) is seeking clergy and lay persons from the Upper New York Annual Conference to serve on Conference Ministry Oversight Teams (MOTs) or Conference Ministry Action Teams (CMATs).

The areas covered by the three MOTs are:

  • Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development
  • Empowering Local Churches
  • Reaching Our Neighbors

The Ministry Action Teams will be formed or recognized by MOTs as vision, calling and passion emerge. For example, the group organizing the recent Urban Summits has opted to seek recognition as a CMAT. Click here to read that story.

Detailed information about how MOTs and CMATs are to function within the Annual Conference can be found in the Pre-Conference Booklet on page 13, lines 6-25 and the CLT Report, which begins on page 53. Click to read the online version.

Between now and May 24, the CLT is inviting all who are interested to send an email indicating the area of ministry to which you feel called, your church and district, and a description of  your interests, gifts and experience to the CLT at