Celebrating Native American Ministries Sunday

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United Methodist churches around the world will come together on April 22 to celebrate the mission and ministries of Native Americans.

Native American Ministries Sunday, officially celebrated on April 22 - however congregations can choose an alternate date, is one of six Special Sundays celebrated by The United Methodist Church.

An offering will be collected, providing an opportunity for local churches to celebrate and recognize the gifts and contributions of Native Americans in the Upper New York Area.

These offerings enrich Native American ministries throughout the Upper New York Annual Conference. Fifty percent of the receipts go to support programs in the Conference’s three Native American churches, to ministries such as a transportation program for elders, cultural survival programs and training programs.

The other 50 percent of the offering supports Native American seminarians, plants Native American churches and cultivates Native American outreach.

According to a member of the Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM), “Native American Ministries Sunday is an excellent opportunity to share the rich history of and continuing mission and ministries for and by Native Americans in New York state.

Celebrating Native American Ministries Sunday is one step in our walk together toward repentance, a way for our churches to give back to a people for whom much has been taken away - culture, language, tradition, land. Your congregation’s extravagant generosity to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering assists Native Americans to become leaders in our churches. Be the difference in your congregation. Celebrate the gifts and contributions of Native Americans. Please give generously and thoughtfully.”

An online resource providing videos, a Pastor’s guide with sermon starters, a children’s moment, a power point presentation, offering envelopes and other worship resources are available on the umcgiving.org website.

Offerings for Native American Ministries Sunday can be made to your local church, and church treasurers will direct the funds to the Conference.