The Albany District is committed to support the ministries of its churches as members seek to create and be disciples after the example of Jesus of Nazareth. The District Superintendent supervises and supports local pastors to that end, through offerings of spiritual care and practical teachings of ministry and mission. Creative connections between the 75 churches in the district will be used to strengthen our local ministries and extend the table of local and global mission. Cooperative ministry in its many manifestations is a priority.

The Albany District is located in the Capital District area of New York's State Capital and is a diverse district, ranging from a big city urban atmosphere to lush green fertile farmlands.

District Lay Leader contact information:

Shirley Readdean, Albany Lay Leader

District Superintendent

Rev. Rich Weihing

Administrative Assistant

Maxine Getty

Albany District

Address: 568 Loudon Rd.
Address: PO Box 511
Address: Newtonville, NY 12128
Office Phone: (518) 608-1246